Byzantine Iconography


Icons are not painted; they are written. One cannot write an icon, also known as a sacred image, without getting familiar with the writing tools and materials.

The writing of an icon requires a lot of contemplation; therefore, the process is slow compared to painting or drawing courses. Materials, media, techniques and styles of writing are so diverse, which requires a step by step program to achieve a satisfactory end result.

The course is planned to breakdown the technical difficulties of drawing and painting an icon over a monthly sequence. It starts with drawing and coloring with colored pencils, pastel and gouache on paper pasted on wood. The aim is to simulate the original drawing process and the tratteggio brushstrokes and chromatic effects produced with egg tempera.

During this period, students will be introduced to the history of theological and artistic byzantine iconography.


Composition, proportions, sacred geometry, expression.


Byzantine, Russian.


Sessions: 2 hours / 2 sessions / week

Course duration: 1 month