Drawing II

“Let’s make it happen.”

Fundamental drawing: intermediate level


Basic drawing: beginner-elementary level / portfolio – fundamental drawing skills


Have you practiced drawing before? Do you want to improve your skills? Then this course completes your perception, extends your technical knowledge and meets your expectations for a satisfactory outcome.


-The completion of the basic process of image making.

-Achieve a full drawing in its spatial setting.

-Explore and enhance rendering techniques.

-hare thoughts and information with the international and Lebanese masters of drawing.

Learning Outcomes:

-Look, observe and draw.

-Know your equipment: lead pencil / charcoal / colored crayons / papers.

-Define your scale: proportions.

-Understand spatial organization: composition – layout.

-Adjust and tune the volume: rendering techniques / light and shadows.


Session: 90 mns/ 1 session/ week

Course Period: 3 months