Drawing III

“I believe in my skills.”

Developed drawing: advanced level


Basic drawing: beginner-elementary level / and / fundamental drawing: intermediate level / portfolio – fundamental drawing skills


Do you want to know how far you can go? Do you want to see how to draw and stupefy? Now that you have learned the basics and the fundamentals, you can give life to your drawing. You can sharpen your skills and control the outcome as you please.


-The completion of the basic process of image making.

-Achieve the full drawing in its spatial setting.

-Explore and enhance rendering techniques.

-Share thoughts and information with the international and Lebanese masters of drawing.

Learning Outcome:

-Look, observe, analyze and draw.

-Master your equipment: lead pencil / charcoal / colored crayons / papers / canvas.

-Control spatial organization: composition -layout.

-Choose your perspective: position – eye – level – angle of view.

-Fine tune and popup the volume: rendering techniques – black and white – tonal aspect – color solo and mixed media.


Session: 90 mns/ 1 session/ week

Course Period: 3 months