Painting I

“There are only three colors. The rest is in your mind and your soul.”

Introduction to painting / Beginners stage


Learning has never been so enjoyable! We provide the basic steps to enter the world of color. You will learn the origin, the mixing and the theories of colors.

This introductory stage is essential to overcoming difficulties and frustration in the execution of any painting, no matter the subject. Learning the basics of colors’ harmony will change your life.

Learning Outcome:

-Pigment origins of all colors

-Terminology of color theory: hue, chroma, tint, tone, value, undertone, shade, transparency, opacity, temperature, process of color mixing, color wheel…

-The practical application of color theory.

-The evolution of media and its consequences on the progression of painting.

-The implications of colors on style diversity and birth of art movements.


Session: 90 mns/ 1 session/ week

Course Period: 2 months