Painting III

“The colors live a remarkable life of their own after they have been applied to the canvas” Edvard Munch

Advanced painting. Paint in style.


Don’t think like Cezanne, standing before a canvas is far from being a terrible thing. Think like Kandinsky, who thinks that an empty canvas is a living wonder. Don’t you feel the unique joy of squeezing a lump of paint on the canvas, like john Dyer, and seeing how spectacular that living wonder will turn out to be? Don’t you want to witness with your own eyes the creation process of you own mind, by your own hands? If yes, this course is for you.

Learning Outcome:

-Preliminary sketching / angles / points of view / structure and layout / composition.

-Watercolor sketching / choice of paper / brushes.

-Painting with acrylic and oil / media’s natures and qualities / choice and preparation of the canvas / brushes.

-Defining and limiting the chromatic palette.

-Painting techniques / tinting the canvas / primary drawing / application of monochrome or colored undertones / middle values / details / highlights.


Session: 3 hours/ 1 session/ week