“Drawing has never been so easy.”


During the sketching course, drawing has never been so easy and fun. It’s a course where you will lose track of time. You will be transported to new dimensions and discover new realities. It will be your thing, your identity, your signature and your friendly international language. Sketching will never disappoint you. Join and unveil the sketching immaterial healing experience.


-How to observe and record the elementary details of any object.

-Divulge your character, temperament and visual representation on paper.

-Transform doodles into meaningful expressions.

-Twist light and shadow for ambiances and moods.

Learning outcome:

-Quick graphic response to design ideas or copy nature.

-Overcome difficulties imposed by traditional drawing.

-Nail down visions in minimal time.

-Control sketching tools and media.

-Ensure the fast rendering of surrounding objects.

-Get familiar with different sketching techniques, media and materials.

-Discover the great masters in the history of sketching.


Session: 90 mns / 1 session / week

Course Period: 3 months