Drawing and painting teen classes:

“Let go and look at him fly”

Introduction :

Discover your child’s schematic stage. Follow their development as they get more aware of their surroundings. You would be amazed by their inner creative force and competence. Pay attention to their skills of expression and communication.


Initiation to the basic methods of representational art. They will learn how to overcome obstacles and solve problems for observational drawing and coloring. They will be creative, explore and discover, think and imagine, seek and find. They will have fun and offer serious results.

Learning outcomes:

-Focus: observing, reasoning, deducing and understanding.

-Stage: structure of physical space, articulation of details, attention to proportions. Copying nature.

-Representing and defining: graphic and realistic dexterity, rendering techniques.

-Scientific knowledge: light and shade, chromatic palette, color mixing, balance and harmony.


Sessions: 90 mns/ 1 session/ week